Family, Spring- A time of growth, Winter- A time of struggle

Struggling Parents, You Aren’t Alone, I See You

To the mom who is rocking her baby late in the night, knowing putting them in their crib will wake them, and you’ve been up for the past 3 days, I see you.

To the dad who is working late again, who hasn’t been home for supper all week, who is trying to juggle work and family priorities, I see you.

To the mom who is feeling overwhelmed, about to cry over the mere thought of having to make dinner, which none of the children will probably want to eat anyway, but you know you have to try, I see you.

To the dad who is struggling to connect with their newborn baby, not sure if you were ready for this even though here it is, wanting to connect but scared of failing, I see you.

To the mom who got the email from the school wanting to meet to discuss some concerns, full of concern and frustration and worry all at the same time, I see you.

To the dad who skidded in to the meeting with the school at the very last second between jobs, I see you.

To the mom who just got the diagnosis of a food intolerance or allergies in their child, who now has to learn how to read labels and what all those ingredients stand for, I see you.

To the dad who is struggling to support his wife, the mother of their children, who is overwhelmed by the 24/7 aspect of parenthood and being their child’s everything for everything, I see you.

To the mom who is struggling with holding on while letting go, as your children grow and become more independent, I see you.

To the dad who is feeling like there are never enough hours in the day, never enough money in the bank, never enough answers to questions, never enough time with your spouse, I see you.

To the mom who is working outside the home, juggling daycare and school drop-offs, a full days work, and then child pick-ups, dinner, homework, baths, and bed, always feeling exhausted, just wanting the children to go to sleep but then instantly wanting to snuggle your precious child when they are, I see you.

To the dad and mom who so desperately want a date night out, then instantly feel guilty when they leave the house, but still feel so drained from always being on the parenting clock, I see you.

To the mom who feels like she’s failing, who finds herself overwhelmed and yelling more than she’d like to admit, who worries about the role model she’s being for her kids and what they’ll take away from these years, I see you.

To the parents who sit up late at night, talking about their dreams for their kids, and going over their struggles and how to approach them the next day, I see you

Parenting is the single most difficult job I’ve ever done.  It is 24/7, whether you work outside of the home or are a stay at home parent, you never clock out.  You never stop worrying, wishing, hoping, dreaming, thinking about your children.  There is no manual to refer to, and each child is so very different, what works for one may not work for the next.  Parenting is sometimes feeling like a child yourself.  Its sometimes being so unsure of yourself you could cry.  And its sometimes crying because you are so proud of the child you get to call yours.  When you feel alone, know you aren’t.  Because somewhere out there in this big world, there is another parent, who is experiencing the exact same thing, worrying the exact same worries, or crying the exact same tears.  You aren’t alone my friend; I see you

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