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Wylie Thunder Road Fun!!!

If your kids like Thunder Road, this amusement park is a must-visit when in Aberdeen, South Dakota!

We had a sponsored visit to Wylie Park this summer and Thunder Road was K’s favorite attraction!

We arrived in Aberdeen late Saturday morning and spent the day at Storybook Land with all our favorite nursery rhyme characters, and following the yellow brick road in The Land of Oz. (You can read more about those adventures by following the links.)

Sunday, before we left to head back home, we took the kids to have some fun at Thunder Road, which is also located right in Wylie Park. This turned out to be a lot of fun for the kids, and for us adults! The staff was friendly and upbeat while still making sure everyone was safely secured in the rides. The rides were clean and in good working order, and we all felt safe taking the kids on them.

We started out by taking the kids on the go-carts. They had so much fun! G was disappointed that she wasn’t able to drive, but she still had fun with Uncle T!

Getting G’s straps tight!
G and Uncle T getting ready to skid around the corner
K and Uncle C racing. K loved it!!!
A and the Hubs racing

After go-carts the kids wanted to ride in the bumper boats. It was a hot day and getting splashed a bit was welcomed to cool off!

A few weeks before our trip, K broke his arm, and so he was in a cast. When I saw that there were bumper boats at this Thunder Road, I knew that we needed to find a way to protect his cast from getting wet so he could have fun too. What we did was wrap several layers of saran wrap around his cast and up his arm to protect the cast from getting wet. It wasn’t perfect, and he wouldn’t be able to go swimming with it, but it worked great for the splashes from the bumper boats!

The boats had squirt guns in the front to shoot water at one another, and the kids had a blast trying to get their dad wet!

K and Uncle C trying to shoot the crowd

After bumper boats we let each of the older kids pick one more thing they wanted to do. G saw this big bungee trampoline jump, the Euro Bungy, when we were walking in and declared that she wanted to do that! The staff was great making sure she knew the rules and was properly hooked into the harnesses. She had so much fun jumping as high as she could!

G jumping

K decided he wanted to try making his way through the laser maze. There were a few options he could choose from, avoid the lasers or try to break as many lasers as he could. He chose to avoid them and try to make it through the maze. It was pretty cool because they had a big screen on the back of the truck where we could see him trying to make his way through the dark truck and sneak under lasers! After his turn he talked his sister into doing it as well, and she loved it too. K enjoyed the challenge so much he used up the rest of his tickets on the laser maze truck!

We all had a great time at Thunder Road. They also have a mini-golf course, but we didn’t have enough time for us all to golf before having to head back home. The prices were reasonable as far as parks go, and there were nice covered areas to sit in the shade right by the attractions so we could still watch the kids have their fun. The park was perfect for the ages of our kids, 2, 5, and 8, and it was great that us adults were able to join in on the fun. This is one attraction that will never get old, because us 30+ year old’s were having just as much fun as the kids!

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