Hello!  I’m a busy wife and mom who is somewhat trying to find myself after 30.  I have 3 kiddos and one angel baby.  I have a hard working and supportive husband whom I thank God for every day.

I love to travel, talk, read, write, crochet, knit and even sew.  I’m somewhat of a researcher and planner, and always seem to be ‘looking into’ one thing or another.  I love to share my findings with those I think would benefit from my new solution to whatever struggle we are going through!  I am also always chasing the next best deal, and enjoy sharing my penny saving tricks and tips and hearing what others are doing to save a buck too!

I LOVE photography, and my dream is to move to Hawaii after our children are grown and start a photography business.

I will do anything for my family.  I’m a country girl at heart, and am so thankful that we are able to provide country living for our children.  We have a 5 acre hobby farm with dogs, cats, and a huge garden.  I’m hoping one day we can add some rabbits, horses, and maybe laying hens if I can talk my husband into it!

Each of my kids is working hard to make me an expert in something.

Our oldest son is always on the go.  He’s our early riser and social butterfly.  He loves to have everyone be a part of what he has going on, whether its building Legos, playing a game on his kindle, watching a movie, driving his dirt bike, or playing baseball, he loves to have everyone around and involved.  He is also challenging me with an ADHD diagnosis, and his nutritional needs and dietary restrictions due to an overactive adrenal gland that is affecting his heart.

Our daughter is our wildflower child.  She loves wearing dresses, never wears shoes, and is determined to grow her hair as long as Rapunzel’s.  She loves animals, especially her kittens, and could spend all day outside.  She also has challenged me with a compromised immune system, sleep apnea, and learning to survive living 6 months in isolation.

And out youngest son is our motor-head.  He loves anything that goes vroom! and loves to be outside.  His favorite place is in the shop with his daddy working on cars, riding 4-wheelers, or just sitting in the bobcat pretending to drive.  So far he’s taking it easy on his old mom and is giving me all the snuggle time I want, but still is working on growing up too fast to keep up with his older brother and sister.

Our world has been turned upside down in the past two years with me needing to leave the workplace to stay home with our daughter as she recovered from an antibiotic-induced compromised immune system.  In addition to that we learned we were expecting our youngest son the same week we were given the news about her immune system, and my pregnancies have each been a challenge.  At 36 weeks we welcomed my son into the world. (He was almost delivered by a state patrolman who pulled us over on the way to the hospital!)

We also moved to the country and changed schools.

A year later we learned our oldest has an overactive adrenal gland and its affecting his heart.  (ADHD diagnosis partially foiled by Naturopathic Doctor!)  He is also dairy intolerant and has to be on a special diet for his adrenal gland.

Going from working in Emergency Services and Law Enforcement for 10 years to being a stay at home mom has been quite the transition!  But each day God reminds us of our blessings and that the season we are in shall too pass.

My hope with this blog is that I am able to help even one person who is in need of encouragement, or is seeking advice regarding the same wintery seasons we’ve endured.  God Bless!


Disclaimer:  While some photos and information regarding our children may be included in our blog, this in no way, shape, or form gives anyone the right to save or share our children’s photos or information.  If you save or share a photo that is shared on our blog it will not be tolerated and we will be forced to report you and take any necessary action against you, including hunting you down if necessary.  Don’t be weird, don’t break the rules, don’t creep any of us out, and we’ll all get along fine.
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