Mom!!! Maker-Of-Memories or My-Own-Maid?

I remember when my oldest started to coo as a baby.  It was so cute!  We would encourage him to coo and babble as often as we could, excited to see what his first actual word was going to be.  Like most parents, I was hoping for ‘momma’, and my husband was hoping for ‘dadda’.  My husband won out with our first kiddo, and our son hasn’t seemed to stop talking since!

Now that we have three kids, there seems to be non-stop talking in our house, and most often it starts out with ‘Mom!’
‘Mom! I’m hungry’
‘Mom! G’s repeating me!’
‘Mom! K took the remote!’
‘Mom! K won’t play babies with me!’
‘Mom! Will you sleep with me tonight?’
‘Mom! I need help with my dress!’
‘Mom! I got an owie!’
‘Mom! Can you help me tie my shoes?’
‘Mom! A needs his diaper changed!’
‘Mom! Mom! Mom!’
The list goes on….  There are days that are so exhausting from always being called upon for this or that, some days I feel like I need a break from hearing ‘Mom!’, but in reality I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I’ve recently started to think about what ‘Mom’ actually stands for.  When I searched online for ‘Mom’ or ‘Acronym of Mom’ I didn’t seem to get any results back that related to the role I play for our family.  So I started thinking about it, and came up with two pretty good ideas of what ‘Mom’ could stand for in my house.  I’m not saying these definitions don’t apply to dads too, because the first one most definitely does in our house, but for the sake of this post, I’m just going to play around with ‘M.O.M’.

Mom=Maker Of Memories
Growing up, my mom was our everything.  She always put us first, always made sure we had what we needed, always was a safe person for us to share our worries and concerns with.  She would lose sleep over our safety and health, and probably still does.  Now as an adult, when I think back to my childhood, she is the center point for all my memories.  She always planned family trips before school started again in the fall, even though it was hard getting away from our family dairy farm for more than 8 hours at a time, and money was always tight, she made sure to make these memories with us.  She would also take us exploring our 600 acre farm, hiking along the creek searching for turtles and fishing.  She planned our birthday parties and playdates, she took us back to school shopping and was at as many of our sporting events that she could be.  She made these experiences happen for us, she molded us into who we are today, and made sure we had memories to reflect back on that were happy and comforting.  She was our ‘maker of memories’, she was our ‘mom’.
Now with young children of my own, I seem to have taken the same roll in our family.  I have a list of places I hope to take the kids, a list of experiences I want to share with them.  I am currently a stay-at-home mom and I am trying to make sure they have fun memories to reflect back on when they are grown and think back to their summers home with mom.

Family bonfire
Kids Marathon

The other definition isn’t as glamourous and came to me when I was prompting my kids to pick up after themselves this morning.

Mom=My Own Maid
Unfortunately, this is my reality with young children.  Fortunately, they are learning this isn’t actually my role, and are learning to clean up after themselves as they are growing up.



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