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Wylie Park and The Land of Oz-A Great Vacation Destination for Kids!

We recently took a family vacation to Wylie Park in Aberdeen SD, and The Land of Oz was one of G’s favorite attractions!

We had a partnered sponsorship with Wylie Park for this vacation. As always, all experiences and opinions are our own. You can read our disclaimer for more information if you’d like!

You can read more about our amazing lodging accommodations and adventures in Storybook Land here.

In this post I’ll share our very fun experience exploring The Land of Oz. This is another great attraction that the park offers and is free of charge. All the attractions were so detailed and beautiful, and helped the kids’ imaginations run wild like they were actually visiting The Land of Oz like in the movie The Wizard of Oz. We experienced a tornado in Dorothy’s House, visited Munchkin Land, followed the Yellow Brick Road, and saw Glinda the good witch and the Wicked Witch of the West in her castle!

At the beginning of The Land of Oz there are some beautiful statues of the main characters of the story. This is something that I remember from when my parents brought my brothers and I to Storybook Land when we were kids, and this sure got my kiddos attention as well! They were pretty excited to enter The Land of Oz and find their favorite characters from the movie, and boy were we all in for a treat!

You can enter The Land of Oz a few different ways, but we had heard from a friend about the tornado in Dorothy’s house, and decided that was how we wanted to start our experience.

Dorothy’s House. Auntie Em and Uncle Henry are standing out front while you can see Dorothy and Toto in the upstairs window.

Once you enter the house you see several rooms set up like in the movie, and then you come to the Tornado Room. It is advised that young children may be frightened by the experience, but all our kids, ages 21mo, 5, and 8, loved it!

Tornado Room in Dorothy’s House

Once you emerge from the house, you find yourself on the Yellow Brick Road which starts in a spiral just like in the movie!

Yellow Brick Road

Off to one side you can also visit Munchkin Land. A wanted one of the munchkins to share his lollipop!

We followed the Yellow Brick Road to find all the characters in the movie. The Tin Man was the first we came across.

Tin Man’s Slide
Tin Man’s House

Then we continued on to find the Scarecrow.

Scarecrow’s House

After following the Yellow Brick Road some more we found the Lion and made it through the Spooky Forest. The path went through some beautiful trees with green foliage providing shade and really setting the stage like in the movie.

Yellow Brick Road

There were a lot of benches and different places just to sit for a bit and take in the scenery and watch the kids have some fun exploring.

Grandma and Papa B sitting with the Lion
Spooky Forest

After making it through the Spooky Forest we entered a tunnel and emerged to find the Wicked Witch of the West in her castle! The tunnel took us underground for a bit, and it was really musty and earthy and damp inside.

A running into the tunnel

The kids loved finding the Wicked Witch of the West in her castle and kept their eyes open for the flying monkeys. Lucky for us, we didn’t see any! The kids really wanted to find their way into the castle, but the witch has it all locked up!

Wicked Witch of the West in her Castle.

The kids loved exploring The Land of Oz. They had so much fun following the Yellow Brick Road and finding all their favorite characters from the movie.

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12 thoughts on “Wylie Park and The Land of Oz-A Great Vacation Destination for Kids!

  1. I am so excited because you just made me aware that there is even such thing as a Land of Oz that can be visited!

    The Wizard of Oz movie is by far one of my favorites and the fact that I could go and experience something so similar sounds so fun haha!

    Great blog post, looks like a blast!!! Thank you for sharing.

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