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Fall Fun at Mother, Goose and Beans Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch!

Fall is upon us here in Northern Minnesota. The days are getting shorter, the temps are getting cooler, leaves are changing, farmers are harvesting, and pumpkin-everything is everywhere!

One of our favorite things to do in the fall is to hit up a pumpkin patch. We found Mother, Goose, and Beans last year and put it on the list of pumpkin patches to hit. We were so impressed and had such a blast, we decided we needed to go back again this year, if anything for the kettle corn! Yum!

The unique thing about Mother, Goose, and Beans is that they have a HUGE corn maze that they create each year. They definitely have some mad corn-maze-making-skills!

The grounds are beautiful, and we were pleasantly surprised with their additions this year. The owners obviously have an awesome sense of humor, as they really go above and beyond with their decorations!!! Everywhere you look there are different things to see, from pumpkin-bums to animals made out of hay bales, they have a lot to look for! And up in the trees you will find more awesome props including eyes and straw men just hanging around!

This poor fella broke down at the entrance to the farm
A bale cat greets you as you arrive
A bale witch greets you along the driveway
Even the trees have eyes out here!

When you enter the farmstead you will see pallets of pumpkins ready for you to choose from. There are also several photo ops that are great for couples and can also accommodate larger groups. The red tent is where you’ll find some of their amazing kettle corn for sale. The red shed has some unique homemade crafts for sale as well!

Sweet corn station, pumpkins, and gourds

One of their major attractions is their kettle corn. It is popped fresh each day they are open and the flavors are AMAZING. And the cost is so reasonable at $5 per bag… it is such a great treat for the kiddos… if you choose to share with them! It is seriously that good!

They make the kettle corn year round, and even have special flavors around Christmas. You can even order their kettle corn in bulk, and you’ll want to!!! They had four flavors when we were there, Caramel Apple, Cinnamon French Toast, Tutti Frutti, and Original. Since it is so affordable, we bought 3 bags and shared.

Kettle corn!!! 4 flavors available, and they are all amazing! Tutti Frutti, Caramel Apple, Cinnamon French Toast, and Original. Yummm!!!
The hubs and I at another beautiful photo op

Now lets get to the corn maze… Their corn maze is one of their main attractions and really sets them apart from other pumpkin patches in the area. Ages 5 and younger are free to go through the corn maze. For all others it is a reasonable $5 per person. When you pay you get a wrist band and the littler kiddos get a sticker so they aren’t feeling left out. You then get a card with a map of the maze and punch numbers for each of the 10 checkpoints you will come to while going through the maze. If you are more tech savvy, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that they also have an app where you can scan a code at each checkpoint instead of using the punch! Talk about a modern-day corn maze!!!

Once you get through the maze you can fill out your name and number on the back of the card and submit it for their weekly drawing and win a basket of goodies. How fun is that!?!

The map and punch card for this years corn maze (2017)

The maze is huge, as you can see on the card. This is not a maze to let your younger kiddos find their way through. You will need to go with them and help them along by following the map. We had our three kiddos with us and some friends with two adults and two kids, and it took all of us adults to make sure we were all together throughout the maze! There are a lot of twists and turns and dead ends and loops… but the walking trail through the corn is definitely well worn and unmistakable.

Spider bale hangs out by the corn maze.

You enter and exit the corn maze at the same spot.

The entrance and exit for the corn maze.
Inside the corn maze
The kids loved punching their punch cards at each checkpoint!

The corn maze is so large there is even a water station in the middle of it with an emergency exit behind the station which takes you right back out to the road where you can walk back up to the farmstead.

If you are looking for a great place to take the family to experience some fall fun, put Mother, Goose and Beans on your list. The family who lives on the farmstead work the land, grow their own pumpkins, create their own corn maze, make the unique crafts for sale, and operate their business as a way to keep a roof over their head and bring food to the table for their family. They do a great job, are super friendly, and are adding new things each year to help make the experience a memorable one for families who visit.

So enjoy the weather while it is still nice, wear walking shoes, and take a drive to their farmstead near Erhard in Northern Minnesota for a great family day and make some memories!!!

Turn here!
Bernie the Baleman is waiting to greet you with his pumpkin
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