Strive Chiropractic ‘Infected’ Event Coverage- Help Your Body Combat Infections & Stress

Ear, nose, and throat infections. Tis’ the start of the season in Northern Minnesota. The weather is starting to change, bringing cooler temps, and seemingly the first round of head colds for our neck of the woods. Ear infections, sinus infections, headaches, bronchitis, pneumonia, laryngitis… head and chest colds seem to be common place during the winter months.

I was a guest of Strive Chiropractic for blog coverage of their ‘Infected’ event. All chiropractic information shared is provided by the licensed chiropractors of Strive Chiropractic. All opinions are, as always, my own. See our disclosure statement for more information.

For most people these types of colds have us running to the doctor, and we get a round of antibiotics, which may or may not clear it up. In recent years there seem to be more ‘super-bugs’ than before, and one round of antibiotics doesn’t seem to do the trick.

These colds don’t only target our kiddos either. Last year I had my first ever ear infection, and I’m in my 30’s! No one else in my family got sick, although I ended up with bronchitis, pneumonia, an ear infection, and laryngitis all at the same time. So what was so special about me? I was STRESSED beyond what my body could handle, and down it went.

But what if I told you that there is a different, more natural way to treat these kinds of colds? And just as important, PREVENT the colds from settling into your system?

What if I told you that it didn’t involve putting a foreign medication into your system, messing up your gut bacteria, and has even been proven in some cases to help children avoid needing surgery to put tubes in their ears for reoccurring ear infections?

Strive Chiropractic shared some invaluable information about just this during their Infected event in Fargo last week. 

Dr. Jake Grinaker of Strive Chiropractic sharing information about infections during the ‘Infected’ event

As Dr. Jake shared, there are some serious side effects to what we put in our body, especially when it comes to medication. Of course there is most definitely a time and place where it is absolutely necessary to go to a medical doctor and get treatment and medication, but it might not always be necessary when it comes to a cold.

Our middle child, our only daughter, came down with what started as a sinus infection in October when she was two years old. This quickly turned into an ear infection that threatened to pop her ear drum, pneumonia, bronchitis, skin swelling and rashes, and eventually a suppressed immune system from all the antibiotics they gave her. She started to lose her hair. She quit eating because her stomach shrunk from constantly being sick. She was fading fast, and we were told her kidneys would start to shut down next. Her immunoglobulins were out of range and her good bacteria was morphing.  How did this happen? How did her system become so damaged? The immunologist told us it was because of the 6+ months worth of antibiotics she was prescribed. Every time she finished a round of antibiotics, within a week she had pneumonia or bronchitis or an ear infection again, so she was prescribed another round of stronger antibiotics for a longer period of time. The infections started out as our biggest worry, but within 6 months the medicine she was being given had killed her immune system and were slowly killing her.

I didn’t like the round after round of antibiotics she was being prescribed, so I eventually started searching for more information to make better educated decisions regarding her care. This led us to the leading local allergy/asthma and immunologist in our area. It also led us to Strive Chiropractic. We had allergy testing done, which came back negative, and while we were waiting for the immunologic test results to come in, we took our daughter to Strive Chiropractic. They met with us, scanned her and found what areas of her system needed adjusting, and after each adjustment we found that her sinuses were draining like a faucet, and she was also able to sleep better that night. Unfortunately, once the immunological test results came back and all the puzzle pieces were put together, it was determined she needed to live in ‘isolation’ for 6 months-2 years in order for her system to recover.

Modern medicine is focused on treating the symptoms. Chiropractic care is definitely concerned about treating your symptoms so that you feel better, but they are also concerned about preventative care and overall health, and this is an area where the chiropractors at Strive Chiropractic really stand out.

It seems that it is almost common practice to put tubes in kids’ ears when they are having reoccurring ear infections. ‘Bad Plumbing’ is a common reason given.

Courtesy of Strive Chiropractic

But what if this isn’t exactly the case? What if instead it is something that has gone wrong with connections within the ear canal? Could it be possible that the kink in the ‘bad plumbing’ within the ear could be corrected without surgery and tubes? The chiropractors at Strive Chiropractic make a strong argument that tubes might not always be necessary, and chiropractic adjustment could help re-align things to where they should be, and therefore prevent future ear infections by ‘fixing’ the ‘bad plumbing.’

One major point made during the ‘Infected’ presentation is what happens to the system when tubes are put into a child’s ears. Putting tubes in a child’s ears doesn’t prevent infections from happening. Instead, what it does is keep the infection from settling into their ears and pushes it to the back of the throat to the tonsils and adenoids. If they continue to get inflamed because of dealing with the infection and therefore removed, the infection then affects the upper respiratory system and the gut bacteria.

Instead of tubes, Dr. Jake and the team at Strive Chiropractic believe there are other options that may help correct any ‘bad plumbing’ that will help the body actually fight infections and help the problem in the first place.

So what about when we live a stressful life and find ourselves constantly feeling ‘under the weather?’

Could it be that instead of catching a bug, our system is just too overloaded and somethings eventually gotta give? Even if you are gifted with a ‘go with the flow’ personality, I’m willing to bet that we can all relate to feeling the effects of stress at some point. Dr. Jake spoke about the mental symptoms of a stress response, and the physical symptoms of a stress response during the Infected event. And he had some great points that I think everyone can relate to.


Stress can definitely take a toll on our mental and physical health. But what if we could help our body counteract the stress responses with being more well physically? Dr. Jake explained how when our body is out of alignment it is already feeling stressed.

We each have a threshold of stress that we can take without really feeling the mental or physical effects of it. So when the body is out of alignment and already feeling stressed, even if we don’t feel any mental or physical effects of it yet, when we add more stress to our body we are going to hit the threshold more quickly. This is because our body is already dealing with the stress of being out of alignment.

So how exactly does chiropractic care help? Dr. Jake calls it ‘Flipping the Breaker.’

During the first visit to Strive Chiropractic you will find yourself filling out a bunch of paperwork, most of it regarding your personal history. From your birth to birthing your own babies (if you are a woman), you will be giving them vital information regarding your history so they can get a picture of what might be causing your ailments. After meeting with one of the doctors, they will most likely scan you and get imaging of what areas of your neck and spine are out of alignment. You may also get some x-rays if they feel they’ll get a better picture of what’s going on.

The Effects of Subluxation. How many of these symptoms can you relate to? (Image courtesy of Strive Chiropractic)

The scans will also show them important information such as your core score and overall energy level. To give you an idea, our son suffers from an overactive adrenal gland and has been diagnosed with ADHD and Anxiety. His first visit to Strive Chiropractic they scanned him and his overall body energy level was almost 1600. The normal level is 100. Dr. Jake likened him to a hummingbird in a coke bottle, and he was spot on! Our sons body was so out of alignment and his internal system was extremely stressed. After 2 months of being on a strict diet, taking several supplements, and getting adjusted a few times a week, Dr. Emily re-scanned him to keep track of his progress. We were all astonished to find that his overall body energy level had come down to 275! He was better able to calm and reset himself and we were also noticing he was responding to things instead of just reacting to them. An added bonus seemed to be that he isn’t catching every cold that his classmates and the rest of us are ever since he started getting regular adjustments. You can read more on his story here.

If you are ever able to attend an event put on by Strive Chiropractic, I highly recommend that you do so. The ‘Infected’ event was held at a beautiful location in Fargo and the VIP ticket was more than affordable at $10 and included appetizers, drinks, and dessert!

I speak from experience when I say that the chiropractors at Strive Chiropractic care more about you as a person and your overall health than they do about having you just keep coming back. They openly admit that chiropractic care is not the cure all, and isn’t even appropriate for all medical conditions or ailments.

What they do believe in is helping you to make the best educated decision regarding your overall health, and helping to keep you as healthy as they are able to. They scan and re-scan you so they track your progress and see that the treatment is working. Their goal is to get your body operating at its highest level possible, and then to help maintain that by keeping you properly aligned and overall healthy.

They have several events that they hold annually, and for some of them they team up with some of the best known professionals in the area to put on an overall amazing event. They also have Facebook live sessions with their team of doctors weekly where they discuss a wide variety of topics. You can find them on Facebook here, or their website here, or by using the information below!

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34 thoughts on “Strive Chiropractic ‘Infected’ Event Coverage- Help Your Body Combat Infections & Stress

  1. Wow! That’s pretty amazing! Now I’m thinking that I need to go back to a chiropractor again. I did for my first pregnancy because of back pain (which stopped it, and I didn’t have anymore thereafter), and I’m on baby two. 🤔 Thank you for the info! This is really good to know!

  2. Wow, didn’t really think of chiropractic care in this manner before. I go semi-regularly to help with lower back pain (dang desk jobs, amiright?). Interesting to learn of using it for more of a preventative tool!

    1. Yes darn desk jobs!!! I used to work a desk job and for 10hrs a day sat at a desk looking at 8 computer screens! Definitely takes a toll on the lower back! Glad you find some relief, hope that this gave you some additional chiropractic benefit ideas!

  3. This sounds interesting! I’ve never even been to a chiropractor before, but they seem to have some good ideas at this event. I am a teacher, and there are some times during the year when I am more stressed than usual. That’s when I usually get something like bronchitis. If I could control the stress better, then maybe I could not get as sick. Something to think about.

  4. I’m blown away by this. My daughter has asthma and we have been trying to control it naturally and haven’t had much luck. I did a quick google search and confirmed that chiropractors can help asthma. I’m going to look more into this. Thank you!!!

  5. I am a big believer in holistic healing so I love what you shared! Thank goodness you took your daughter to Strive Chiropractic so she can heal, instead of continuing with the antibiotics which as you experienced can be so harmful. Great news about your son too. So many parents put their kids on meds for ADHD which is sad.

  6. That is some great information! I’m going to have to keep that in mind because my back is always jacked up and my hubby always gets sick couple times a etc so maybe that’s what he needs to do!

  7. Great story! And now has got me thinking that I need to get my daughter, asap! She is diagnosed with Down syndrome, ADHD, and has constipation/incontinence issues. Your son’s story has given me hope! Thank you!

  8. Chiropractors are amazing and they treat much more than you think! That is great that your Doctor puts on informational nights. Great way to educate the public on what services they can actually provide for you!

  9. This goes along well with what I’ve experienced. I’m typically more stressed than most. However, after a bit of being extremely stressed, that’s when I get sick. I never thought to go to a chiropractor to help with that though. I’ve always only gone for help with back pain.

    1. I find that when I am extremely stressed I also get sick. The nice thing is that you can go to the chiropractor for your back pain and for overall body health and to help with the effects of stress… all in one appointment!!! Best of luck to you!!!

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