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Hello & Welcome to our blog, The Season We Are In.

I’m Jacqueline Marie, author of The Season We Are In. I’m a mom to 3 kiddos and 1 angel baby. I live with my family and our pets on a 5 acre hobby farm in rural Minnesota. I left my career in the law enforcement field in 2015 to become a stay-at-home mom to our kiddos and nurse our daughter back to health after she was diagnosed as having a suppressed immune system. My life revolves around my family and our future. I love photography and traveling and talking, and I’m fueled by coffee and Jesus.

The hubs runs an excavating company in the city, and restores cars on our farm. He has a love for motors and chasing a good deal to restore and flip. He’s an amazing father to our kids, and takes the time to teach them what he knows, lend an ear when they need to talk, and give them support when they need it.

K is our 8 year old. He’s a busy, fun, life-loving guy who loves to modify whatever he can to make it into something different and new. He proudly calls himself a ‘gamer’ and loves every subject in school. He’s everyone’s friend, and affectionately known as ‘a giver’ to our family and friends. He loves everyone and everything, and holds on tightly to all. He challenges us with his diagnosis of ADHD and anxiety, and an overactive adrenal gland which is affecting his heart. He is dairy intolerant and can’t eat any fruit sugar or anything derived from a fruit sugar within 4hrs of having a cane/refined sugar or anything derived from a cane/refined sugar. His dietary needs challenge me to learn more about what we eat and how it affects our bodies.

G is our 5 year old. She loves life. We affectionately call her our ‘wildflower child’. She would happily live outside wearing a dress barefoot every day if she could. She loves all animals and flowers. She was diagnosed at age 2 with a compromised immune system in which we had to live in isolation for 6 months before living cautiously for another 18 months before she was medically cleared. She is now a thriving young lady and loves preschool.


A is our 2 year old. He has a true love for motors and anything with an engine. His favorite thing is when daddy gets home and he gets to go work with him in the shop. He has a soft spot for his momma though, and is also our momma’s boy. He loves life and his brother and sister, and is always trying to do what they do.

Disclaimer:  While some photos and information regarding our children may be included in our blog, this in no way, shape, or form gives anyone the right to save or share our children’s photos or information.  If you save or share a photo that is shared on our blog it will not be tolerated and we will be forced to report you and take any necessary action against you, including hunting you down if necessary.  Don’t be weird, don’t break the rules, don’t creep any of us out, and we’ll all get along fine.
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